More Than Just A Pretty Picture

When I take a picture, the subject matter is important, but it’s not the only thing. I choose my images carefully, keeping in mind how the object or scene makes me feel as well. The goal of my photography is to share that feeling with others.

When you look at a flower, you see beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes. What impresses me about flowers is that they are a representation of the infinite beauty and variety of God’s creation. Look closely at these flower pictures, and savor the sizes, shapes, and color combinations. Most people don’t stop to admire a flower in as great detail as these photographs show, and that’s why I do what I do. I want to share the beauty, but also the feelings that flowers evoke: God’s creation is perfect, size and shape doesn’t matter, and infinite variety is to be celebrated.

I do the same thing with landscapes. I love taking pictures of roads leading away, holding a promise of something special just around the bend. I love capturing unusual events, like snow in the desert, or a sunset that illuminates its surroundings. Light is extremely important to me when I take pictures, and I frequently go out at dawn, or when the sun is low in the early evening sky. Wonderful shadows are created this way, which adds interest to an already beautiful scene.

I love to travel, just to see the beauty and variety of God’s creation. I feel privileged that I have been able to capture the wonder of this amazing planet.

So, take your time as you scroll through these photographs. Linger on the images that speak to you, and allow them transport you to a world where peace and beauty reside.


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